Every organization needs to have a mission, a key principle to which all their activity relates. Without a clear mission, as defined by the founders and leaders, there’s no way to know precisely what it is a business does, what its objectives are, or how it intends to reach those goals. At Accelerate, our mission is well-defined, our goals are crystal clear, and our methods for achieving them are highly effective.

Our mission consists of what we do, our objectives, and our approach. When you come to us for help with finding a new home, our team goes to work like the well-oiled, extremely efficient machine it is. In the interest of transparency, one of our core principles, we believe it’s helpful for our customers to know about our mission. When you understand what we do, what our objectives are, and how we accomplish those goals, you’ll have a better idea of who we are.

What do we do? We offer a full menu of mortgage and financing services to help people realize their dream of homeownership or improve their financial situation or both. That means we assist clients who either want to buy a new home or refinance the one they already have.

What are our objectives? We aim to provide the very best service to every person who hires us. We strive to make life better for our customers, to help veterans who want to transition to civilian life by purchasing a home, and to seamlessly usher each one of our customers through the process from beginning to end. We want to continue to be upstanding members of our community by giving back to veterans through charitable organizations like 22Kill, which works to alleviate the serious mental health problems ex-service members often face. We want to give our employees a rewarding career and an enjoyable work environment. Each working day, we strive to deliver the very best mortgage and financing services in the industry to every person who walks through our door, contacts us over the phone, or sends us an email asking for guidance.

How do achieve our goals? We’re very aggressive, in a highly aggressive industry, with our pricing, low-interest rates, and spot-on customer service. We close loans quickly so homebuyers can get on with their lives and enjoy their new living spaces. At the core of reaching our objectives, our efforts are focused on giving: giving service, giving information, giving guidance, and giving peace of mind.

Anyone eligible to apply for a mortgage can get help from us. In our years of experience in this fast-paced industry, we’ve found that many people don’t think they’re eligible for a mortgage when they actually are. There are many ways to assess eligibility, for one thing. For another, our team members can help prospective home buyers improve their situation and become eligible, even if they aren’t quite there yet.

How do we help veterans who want to refinance or own their first home? We offer our deep expertise as subject-matter specialists. In the fast-paced world of mortgage rules and regulations, things are constantly changing, the economy is in a regular state of flux, and the legal environment never stands still.

We stay on top of every nuance of every law, guideline, regulation, rule, standard, requirement, and ethical concept, so you don’t have to. That’s why people don’t act as their own mortgage professionals. It’s truly a full-time job, and then some, to keep up with all the minutiae of the industry. We do it around-the-clock so our clients can get the homes they want at the best price and under the most favorable terms.

We make every effort to get people pre-approved so that the process goes smoothly and quickly. Our team members do whatever it takes to get customers approved and ready to buy the home of their dreams. All of our services are available to anyone who contacts us. You don’t need to be a veteran of military service to take advantage of what we have to offer. In fact, many of our non-veteran clients came to us through a referral from a veteran acquaintance of theirs.

We’re glad to say that all patriotic people see the value of what we do and are happy to work with a company that places so much importance on veterans. When it comes to people who call us for the very first time, they tend to be a mix of veterans and non-veterans. However, much of our new business comes from word-of-mouth when vets speak highly of us to their non-veteran friends, neighbors, and relatives.

There’s no question that our mission is at the heart of everything we stand for. What we do, what our objectives are, and how we attain those objectives is what makes us unique among mortgage companies. In the end, we achieve our aims through hard work and dedication to a way of life.

At Accelerate, we strive each day to enrich lives, improve financial situations, enhance lifestyles, contribute to our customers’ sense of self-worth, provide education about the first steps to financial solvency, and provide all the critical components of customer service that people expect from a leader in the mortgage field.

Our professionals get things done quickly, stay in constant communication with home buyers, work with each other to solve problems, and have the latest technology as a core means of support for an efficient workflow. Our in-house technical squad created a customized software system that lets our team members originate faster and do every task rapidly, thoroughly, and accurately. The fact that we are nationally licensed means we can help more people in more places.

At Accelerate, our mission is really about you, our customer. We want you to find the home you want, finance it quickly, and move in as soon as possible. Amid all the paperwork, deadlines, details, and day-to-day tasks, that’s really all that matters to people who hire us. They want to own a home or refinance one. And they want the process to go smoothly. Our mission is to get it done, do it right, and do it quickly. Many thousands of satisfied customers know what Accelerate can do, and we’re proud to have helped them reach their goals of homeownership and financial solvency.


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