• What is an FHA Loan?

    The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) program is designed to help homeowners and buyers qualify when they wouldn’t otherwise. FHA Loans can benefit those who need a lower down payment, have high debt or lower credit scores, or may have had a foreclosure or short sale in the recent past.

    With only 3.5% cash of the purchase price required from the buyer, FHA loans make purchasing a home a more feasible option for many. For those who already have an FHA loan, it’s easy to lower interest rates by taking advantage of the FHA Streamline refinance program. With this program, homeowners can go from one FHA loan to another with a lower interest rate, without an appraisal or income qualifying. Fill out our Contact Form to learn more!

  • Benefits of FHA Loans

    • Easier to qualify: Higher debt-to-income ratios allowed. Prior foreclosures, short sales or bankruptcies are not necessarily an issue.
    • Less cash required: Buy a home with as little as a 3.5% upfront.
    • Gifting option: Use gifted funds from friends or relatives to cover down payment and closing costs.
    • Refinancing made easy: Refinancing is simple when you take advantage of the FHA Streamline benefit.
    • Cash out: Borrow up to 85% of home value for home improvements, debt consolidation or major expenses.
  • Who Qualifies for FHA Loans

    • Minimum cash required from a buyer of only 3.5% for purchase transactions
    • A minimum credit score of 580 or above
  • Typical Requirements for FHA Loans

    • Steady employment history for the past 2 years – although exceptions can be made
    • No foreclosures or bankruptcies within the past 3 years
    • The subject property must be owner occupied
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