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Our company has a uniquely strong and long-term commitment to the American Dream and the clients we serve. That means we do our part to help those in need. Because Accelerate is devoted to causes explicitly related to our nation’s veterans, we give both our personal and financial support to an organization that goes the extra mile to deliver essential services to those who have served our country in uniform.

That’s why our entire management and on-the-ground mortgage workforce has partnered with 22Kill, an exceptional non-profit corporation. It works to improve the mental health of suicide-prone former members of the armed services.

When our leadership team first learned of 22Kill, they immediately saw the potential for a worthwhile partnership. Not only does 22Kill offer multiple programs to better the mental health status of veterans, but its motto, “One Tribe, One Fight,” reflects that same sense of focused devotion to a good cause that Accelerate believes in. Our financial contributions to 22Kill are ongoing and take the form not only of direct funding but of all-round support in the form of local fundraisers, in-company contests, and more.

Accelerate’s close alliance with 22Kill is our way of helping the non-profit achieve its own goals of raising awareness about the pervasive but treatable mental health conditions faced by veterans and their families. Accelerate and 22Kill work together so that any veteran or family member of a veteran who needs mental health services has access to them at no cost.

Furthermore, the entire Accelerate team spreads the word about the good works that 22Kill does to make sure no veteran ever has to suffer alone and never has to go without professional mental health services.

The non-profit took its name from a shocking statistic reported by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that 22 service veterans commit suicide every single day. Accelerate wants to be part of the solution to eradicate all the mental health challenges that veterans face. We proudly stand by the side of 22Kill as they work day and night to ease the mental anguish that all too often “comes with the territory” of being a veteran.

Within the Accelerate leadership and among mortgage team members, the personal commitment to helping veterans is part of everyday life in the office and at home. While not all company employees are service veterans, many see this kind of community outreach work to give back to the U.S armed forces who do so much for so many, but who are often forgotten once they leave active duty.

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That’s why Accelerate also supports military and former military families who want to purchase new homes and take part in the American Dream. Who deserves that chance more than the women and men who put their lives on the line for us in time of peace and war, who ask nothing in return for their sacrifice, and who often face mental health and financial difficulties after their service terms are over?

Every Accelerate team member, from the newest loan agent to the company founders and leaders, believe wholeheartedly in doing whatever it takes to help any veteran who wants a new home but isn’t sure where to begin. Our on-the-ground mortgage experts go all out to see that former service members get all the information they need to qualify for home loans, find the right home for their needs, and move through the documentation process without any snags or delays.

Matched Giving

Why are veterans uniquely at risk? All former service members can face difficulty adjusting to life after they leave active duty. Not only do they have to deal with emotional trauma in many cases, but many veterans end up homeless when they aren’t able to get the proper medical and mental health support they so desperately need. Accelerate is focused on assisting these honorable citizens when they decide to purchase a home.

In addition to our company’s complete support of 22Kill, we also offer our expertise in the mortgage business and guide veterans through the sometimes complicated process of applying for loans and doing whatever else it takes to get them from square one to the final goal: moving into a new home. When a veteran’s mission is over, ours begins. The Accelerate mission is about making sure these brave men and women get the home of their dreams.

Of course, Accelerate works hard for all its clients, those who are veterans and those who are not. But it’s a fact that we have a special place in our hearts for those who have served in uniform. Every member of our team is proud that the company has made a name for itself among U.S. veterans who know about our devotion to their well-being. Not only do we specialize in assisting vets and active-duty personnel who apply for VA loans, but we also work with applicants who seek conventional and government loans. In fact, we fund in excess of $100 million of VA loans every month.

And because our entire approach is focused solely on our clients’ needs, every customer gets the transparency, courtesy, and “in the loop” communication for which our firm has become renowned. That’s how Accelerate has become a household name among service veterans and everyone else who has worked with us or heard about us from friends or read about our unique mission.

Day in and day out, we support the community in numerous ways, primarily through our advocacy for 22Kill through direct donations, by sponsoring fundraising events, offering money-matching for employee donations, holding auctions, and selling tickets to special events and directing all proceeds to veterans’ causes.

We also do community outreach because many of our team members give their personal time and financial support to the worthy goal. Whenever we hear of or encounter a vet who might have mental health issues, we direct them to 22Kill so they can get started on the road to healing. So many members of the Accelerate family find opportunities in their daily lives to have conversations with others and explain how vital it is to help our U.S. veterans. Whether it’s at work, at home, or at a special fundraising event, every Accelerate team member and company leader has the well-being of veterans in mind. It’s fair to say that it’s our cause, and it comes from the heart. As a company and a group of devoted individuals, we are proud to do whatever we can for those who wore, or wear, the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. The way we look at it, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the freedom and security we hold so dear.

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