As a nationally recognized, emerging mortgage lender that specializes in conventional, government, and VA loans, Accelerate has constructed a company focused on hard work, steadfast determination, and dedication to every client we work for. Each month, we process in excess of $100 million of VA loans for our customers, many of whom are former or active duty military members. Our many thousands of past clients have seen first-hand our commitment to excellence, transparency, and customer service at every step of the mortgage process.

We offer a comprehensive suite of loan types, and we do everything in our power to match you with the loan program that best suits your financial needs and personal preferences. We do the heavy lifting so you won’t have to. We help veterans and non-veterans who wish to own their own homes.

Accelerate has already made a name for itself as an outstanding partner for veterans who want to buy homes. Still, our team welcomes anyone, veteran or not, and does its utmost to make the process as seamless and swift as possible. A key component of our company’s way of working is built around satisfying clients and keeping them regularly informed about the progress of their loan application and documentation.

Our 70+ team members are highly trained experts at what they do, and our main office is based in Newark, Delaware, but we help prospective homeowners all over the U.S. We make it our business to accelerate your dream of homeownership, hence our name, and to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

In so many important ways, we are our values. That means every person who asks us for help can rest assured that they’re getting the very best in communication, full company compliance with industry regulations, complete transparency throughout the entire process, unmatched integrity, and competently executed results. We believe in the value of measurable outcomes so that our customers can see results with their own eyes. In a way, our whole approach to what we do is based on trust. Because when your mortgage professional can deliver integrity, compliance, transparency, communication, and real-world results, then, and only then, can trust begin to grow.

Thousands of satisfied customers chose us because they heard good things about our company, were referred by another client, or knew us from stories they read in the financial media. It’s a fact that our reputation precedes us. The reasons for that are many. In short, people choose us because of our experience, fast closings, a wide array of loan options, a totally streamlined process, and our extensive experience.

Our team is able to leverage their collective years of experience in the mortgage industry to assist you at each point of the process. Plus, we always offer the most affordable and lowest rates in the entire industry. Whatever the current market allows in terms of favorable rates, we deliver them to our clients. Our unique mixture of experienced team members and high-tech equipment means you get a 100 percent no-hassle mortgage process that moves seamlessly from one step to the next until completion. You are never out of the loop, and always know where you stand, what the next move is, and how we’re getting there. That means no
guesswork or wondering on your part.

Our team does lightning-quick closings. In most cases, your deal will see closure within just three weeks from beginning to end. That streamlined process is not only one of the speediest in the industry but is available for first-time homebuyers and current homeowners who are refinancing. Finally, not only do we write a large volume of VA loans, but we have access to multiple programs to fit every budget, situation, and need. Whatever your circumstances, our Accelerate team uses every resource available to find the most suitable solution for you.

A big part of what we’re about is our unique team and the way we do business. It’s common in the mortgage industry for companies to patch together a few professionals who learned the trade at another firm, give each one their own desk space, and call that a "team." That’s not the way we do things at Accelerate, and we’re happy to be different. That’s because we wouldn’t be able to achieve any of our goals without our exceptional group of experts who do the day-to-day heavy lifting. Without them, Accelerate wouldn’t be able to help veterans and other applicants buy homes, nor would we be able to help customers the way we do. In one sense, everything at Accelerate begins with our 70-plus hard-working team members.

We look for conscientious adults who can learn and grow on the job, can make use of every experience. We want our professionals to grow with us and learn the way we do things, absorb our customer-centered mentality, appreciate our devotion to veterans, understand our commitment to excellent service, and become outstanding loan officers in an environment of support and long-term stability. And when new opportunities appear, we invariably hire from within because we know our people want to stay with us and grow along with our firm.

What separates us from the intense competition in the mortgage industry? It’s our long-term professionals who demonstrate their work ethic every day of the week. It’s our use of the latest technology to help clients get fast, accurate, complete documentation from day one through closing. It’s our strict sense of loyalty to the women and men who have served our country, and to the communities in which we live.

What are we about? Excellent mortgage services and so much more. The hardest-working team members in the industry. Cutting-edge technology, so things run smoothly. Financial support of veterans who need mental health services. Single-minded devotion to mortgage applicants who are veterans and those who are not. We innovate. We speed up a process that needs speeding up. We make getting a new home a fun, exciting, fulfilling adventure. We serve. We offer a good life and career to those who work for us. And we are proud of what we are. At Accelerate, we hold our heads high, work hard, and take pride in helping you get the home you want at a price you can afford.


  • Ms Cassidy is a true professional that provides veterans alike to have a second chance. She was accurate , knowledgeable and provided a carefree experience in this large process. I will recommend her to every veteran I know. Thanks to her I now have the the ability to be financially capable , no more credit card debt. Now I have the opportunity to raise my credit score. So thankful I took the time over the phone and listen to Ms Henry. If your in a current VA loan take the opportunity to pay of cards and complete projects around your house do it.Today I’m enjoying that thanks to Cassidy Henry!
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  • Cassidy’s professionalism extended to always keeping us informed, making absolutely sure that we understood each and every required process and signing of documents. Her tremendous ability to keep our requested closing date on track without delay was excellent. Throughout the entire process we never had to call or email her about any major deficiency with the process.
    Nathan & Carolyn
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  • Working with Nicole from Accelerate Mortgage on my Cash out Refinance has been truly seamless. As soon as I got Nicole all the documents that were needed she took off like a rocket! She was quick, efficient and very easy to talk to (I feel like I’ve know her for years). I had a few questions and Nicole would explain the answers very clearly and she would always put my mind at ease. This process was fast and easy. If I refinance again I hope to work with Nicole. Thanks Nicole and Accelerate Mortgage!
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  • Wayne Smith made refinancing a seamless, stress free experience. After having a negative experience dealing with another company, I cannot thank Wayne enough for his knowledge, attention to detail, phenomenal communication, and his ability to make me feel so confident that this was going to happen quickly and with all of the conditions that I was looking for. I highly recommend Wayne if you are looking to refinance.
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  • Everything went so quickly and smoothly that I couldn’t believe, the fastest refinance I’ve ever don and I’ve done numerous. They were surprisingly easy to deal with.
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  • Bill made the whole process of a re-finance a comfortable, stress free, thoroughly informed business happening. He was the epitome of professionalism, knowledgeable of everything relevant to real estate markets, trends and options available to the client. He secured the appraiser rapidly and made the entire transaction totally free and clear of any and all challenges that could have possibly arisen. He kept me informed and in the loop to alleviate concerns. I have never had such a remarkable lender in my years of real estate dealings, and there have been many. Thank you for assigning such an exemplary professional to assist me.
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