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  • Ms Cassidy is a true professional that provides veterans alike to have a second chance. She was accurate , knowledgeable and provided a carefree experience in this large process. I will recommend her to every veteran I know. Thanks to her I now have the the ability to be financially capable , no more credit card debt. Now I have the opportunity to raise my credit score. So thankful I took the time over the phone and listen to Ms Henry. If your in a current VA loan take the opportunity to pay of cards and complete projects around your house do it.Today I’m enjoying that thanks to Cassidy Henry!
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  • Cassidy’s professionalism extended to always keeping us informed, making absolutely sure that we understood each and every required process and signing of documents. Her tremendous ability to keep our requested closing date on track without delay was excellent. Throughout the entire process we never had to call or email her about any major deficiency with the process.
    Nathan & Carolyn
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  • Working with Nicole from Accelerate Mortgage on my Cash out Refinance has been truly seamless. As soon as I got Nicole all the documents that were needed she took off like a rocket! She was quick, efficient and very easy to talk to (I feel like I’ve know her for years). I had a few questions and Nicole would explain the answers very clearly and she would always put my mind at ease. This process was fast and easy. If I refinance again I hope to work with Nicole. Thanks Nicole and Accelerate Mortgage!
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  • Wayne Smith made refinancing a seamless, stress free experience. After having a negative experience dealing with another company, I cannot thank Wayne enough for his knowledge, attention to detail, phenomenal communication, and his ability to make me feel so confident that this was going to happen quickly and with all of the conditions that I was looking for. I highly recommend Wayne if you are looking to refinance.
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  • As a former professional certified Quality Control Analyst and Customer Service Manager of hundreds of employees and thousands of customers before retiring, I will say Cassidy is the perfect example of professional, knowledgeable Mortgage representative I've ever worked or talked to. She made herself available every step of the way with any questions and made the re-finance process steps very painless for me as the customer! I'm so appreciative she went out of her way to get me the lowest rate and was entirely transparent throughout the entire experience. After being hounded by literally hundreds of company's by phone, mail and knocking on my door to refinance or sell my home in our very popular neighborhood, I feel blessed to have had Cassidy assist me with this loan process to the end.
    Home Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
  • Everything went so quickly and smoothly that I couldn’t believe, the fastest refinance I’ve ever don and I’ve done numerous. They were surprisingly easy to deal with.
    Home Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
  • I had the pleasure of learning a valuable lesson and an outlook change from pessimism to optimism. Before calling Accelerate Mortgage, I was staring at bankruptcy or hoping for a quick sale of my home. Due to a change in financial income, I could no longer afford to pay my monthly bills and mortgage. I had called the big name lenders to attempt to refinance my mortgage and consolidate some debt with my equity. Those lenders were unable to help though as they could not do what Accelerate Mortgage was able to do. With the help and trust from Pete Crespo, he worked very hard to knock off more than $1,000 total from my monthly debt. He believed in me thanks to my track record of never having a missed payment and my credit score. He kept me in the loop every step of the journey through personal contact, phone calls and email. He led me to trust him with his financial input and what I could do to increase my monthly income. It was his decision making that built up that trust. Which led me to believe that I will keep my home as well as pay my monthly debt. He walked me through every step of my 1st time refinancing process and was able to answer every question. When the time came to sign off on the loan; I was thinking back to the flyer that I received in the mail and the blessing that came with it. I didn't know who Accelerate Mortgage was at the time that I received the flyer, but I do know who they are now. If you are a veteran, and even if you're not; call Accelerate Mortgage today and ask for Pete Crespo. He'll fight for you and help you every step of the way to find a solution to your need(s).
    Home Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
  • Bill made the whole process of a re-finance a comfortable, stress free, thoroughly informed business happening. He was the epitome of professionalism, knowledgeable of everything relevant to real estate markets, trends and options available to the client. He secured the appraiser rapidly and made the entire transaction totally free and clear of any and all challenges that could have possibly arisen. He kept me informed and in the loop to alleviate concerns. I have never had such a remarkable lender in my years of real estate dealings, and there have been many. Thank you for assigning such an exemplary professional to assist me.
    Home Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
  • Wayne provided answers to all our questions. He took us through the refinance procedure quickly and most professionally. He was most accommodating and just generally a nice guy. A true pleasure to do business with. Thanks Wayne.
    Thomas and Diane
    Home Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
  • Margaret is a knowledgeable and determined lady with a lot of know how and will work hard to complete the present order of the day, if she isn't considered to complete ones project your doing your self an injustice
    Steven and Terry
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  • Working with Nicole Pasquinelli was incredibly easy and efficient. She was always available and able to answer any question I had. Turnaround time on documents and other services was remarkable. I would highly recommend her and Accelerate Mortgage again.
    Home Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.

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